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Product Updates

07/04/2020 - Release Notes

First and foremost, ECN Management and Team hope you, your team and your families are safe and well. The last few weeks have been unprecedented for all of us, to say the least

MyECN Portal

✔️ Business SIP or myCloudPBX users.

You can now manage your hosted and vanity numbers.
● Ordering new numbers is also available for Administrator level portal users.
Vanity Number ordering is now available for myCloudPBX and Business SIP services. Vanity numbers are added instantly via the myECN portal and allow third party numbers including mobile numbers to be displayed on outgoing calls.

To add a Vanity Number:

● Select Manage Numbers inside myCloudPBX or Business SIP
● Select Add Vanity Number and Enter the Number
● Select Verify, answer the verification call and enter the verification code

✔️ New Number

Look for the Manage Numbers button, this is available for any Business SIP or myCloudPBX users. You can now manage your hosted and vanity numbers.

  • Ordering new numbers is also available for Administrator level portal users.


ECN has now developed Webhook API for SMS. This release will allow access to push data to other applications as it happens, meaning you get data immediately, collectively creating a notification via a SMS Webhook.

Note: This feature is a preview feature module available early to customers to provide feedback to ECN.

💻 Preview API

ECN announces the "Preview" API. This API will allow access to Call Records and Call Recordings endpoints.

Initial stages of the development of the PreviewAPI is in response to customer feedback. ECN will be extending this API to a full release. All feedback is welcomed

● Documentation of the Preview API will be available after release date at: https://developer.ecn.net.au

18/02/2020 - Release Notes

Dashboard Updates

✔️ Inbound and Abandoned Calls Reports

Inbound and Abandoned Calls Reports now have the option to download Summary and Detailed Reports as a CSV file.

✔️ Account Code

Account Code was renamed to Cost Allocation. More functionalities will be included soon.

✔️ Call Recordings

Call Recordings can now be sorted by clicking on the column headings.

✔️ User Reports

Active Users, Total Call Count and Average Call Duration Reports now have the option to download Summary reports as a CSV file.

📅 Coming Soon

✔️ Cost Allocation (Account Code)

Cost Allocation will be have have added ability to allocate by Office and by Extension.

✔️ Widgets

Widgets will become draggable to easily rearrange the Dashboard.

The option to customise Widgets by colour will be added.

🐞 Bugs and well known issues

Cost Allocation (Account Code)

Account Code and Specific Account Code Reports are now displaying the latest saved data.


Widgets in the dashboard are no longer overlapping.

13/12/2019 - Release Notes

Dashboard Updates

✔️ Pie Charts

Names and extension numbers are now displayed on pie charts.

✔️ Abandoned Calls Report

The data from the Abandoned Calls report can now be downloaded as a CSV file.

✔️ New options on User Reports

All User Reports can now be sorted, and also show Top 10 / Bottom 10 Users.

✔️ Unique URL

Unique URL has been fixed and is displaying the widgets from your dashboard.

🐞 Bugs and well known issues

Widgets Dashboard

Some users are having problems loading the dashboard on the first time with widgets overlapping each other. We are working on this fix and the correction is going to be live following the next release.

10/12/2019 - Release Notes

Dashboard Updates

✔️ Export Call Records

Call Records are now downloadable as a CSV file.

✔️ Inbound Calls

Inbound Calls report can now be downloaded in CSV format for offline processing.

✔️ Active Users

Graphs can now be sorted in a number of ways such as by Call Direction, Offices, High to Low, Low to High, and limit to Top 10 or Bottom 10 Users.

✔️ Total Call Count

New filters have been added to sort data from High to Low and Low to High, and to limit the report to Top 10 or Bottom 10 users.

✔️ Average Call Duration

You can now sort data via Call Direction, Offices, High to Low, Low to High, and Limit to Top 10 or Bottom 10 users.

🐞 Bug Fixes

Export Call Records

  • The display legend is now visible on smaller resolution screens.
  • The Call Recordings screen now advises that Adobe Flash Player is required for in-browser playback.

06/12/2019 - Release Notes

🚀 New Platform

⚡️ New Analytics Dashboard for myCloudPBX

The Dashboard displays critical information about your myCloudPBX system, providing granular reporting data for a real-time or historical view of the activities within your phone system. Drill down into user performance and call reports for valuable insight into resolution times, response rates and optimal service times.


Call and user performance widgets are all viewable at a glance and can be displayed as management reports or broadcast to large format display panels in your office.

  • Top Users By Inbound Calls - Displays the top users by total incoming calls received

  • Top Users By Outbound Calls - Displays the top users by total outgoing calls made

  • Longest Time to Answer - Displays users with the longest average time to answer calls

  • Shortest Time To Answer - Displays users with the shortest average time to answer calls

  • Top Users By Call Count - Displays the top users by the number of calls made/received

  • Top Users By Total Call Duration - Displays users by total time spent on calls

  • Top Users By Average Call Duration - Displays users by average time spent on calls

  • Busiest Numbers - Displays the most active numbers

  • Call Queue Members - Displays the queue of users next to answer calls

  • Call Count Based On Times - Displays number of calls users received at certain times of day

  • Call Queue - Displays the time users are on calls and shows how many users are in-call/available

  • Day/Night Status - Displays the current work period

  • Inbound Call Number Details - Displays the number details for inbound calls

  • Inbound Call Answering Performance - Displays how many calls were answered by a user

For a more comprehensive guide to the myCloudPBX Analytics Dashboard, please visit the ECN Knowledge Base

Call Reports

Call reports provide information on a range of data, from how many calls were abandoned before they reached a user, to the total number of calls that were made from myCloudPBX.

  • Inbound Calls - Displays the total number of incoming calls received by the phone system, filtered by phone number and time period selected.

  • Abandoned Calls - Displays the total number of inbound calls where no user spoke to the caller.

  • Outbound Calls - Displays the total number of outgoing calls - categorised into Call Type.

  • Time to Answer - Displays the average time taken for a call to be answered by a user.

  • Account Code - Enter the account code during a conversation, and it will show up in the CDR (Call Detail Recording) with call length, number dialled etc. Account Codes are used for billing purposes. The CDR record is written when you terminate the call.

  • Call Recordings - Play or download recorded calls. Calls can be searched by the calling number (origin), or the called number (target).

For a more comprehensive guide to the myCloudPBX Analytics Dashboard, please visit the ECN Knowledge Base

User Reports

User reports provide detailed information about the performance of users, from who spent the most time on calls, to how many calls were made or received by each user.

  • Active Users - Displays the total time users spent on calls. Reports are filtered by the direction of the call the office, and time period selected.

  • Total Call Count - Displays the total number of calls each user made, or received, filtered by the office and time period selected.

  • Average Call Duration - Displays the average time each user spent on a call. Reports are filtered by the direction of the call, the office, and the time period selected.

For a more comprehensive guide to the myCloudPBX Analytics Dashboard, please visit the ECN Knowledge Base

10/10/2019 - Release Notes

Planned Release Date: 10/10/2019

myECN Portal Updates


View Change History

A number of myECN Portal users have requested the ability to view change history in Business SIP and Inbound 1300. This new feature has now been developed and will give more visibility over the activity of users and will log who did what, and when.

Status of Business SIP Devices

In this release, we have developed the new feature for Business SIP/VoIP where users can easily see whether the status for a configured device is offline or online. This feature was in high demand from our customers as it offers better visibility over each device.

Activation of Services

Users now have the ability to activate a hosted PBX service by clicking a button in the Portal. This feature upgrade complements the current feature of dialling 54321 to activate the service. Additionally, users can now activate their Business SIP service directly from the Portal by clicking a button.

Improvement to Tenant Billing Engine

In this release, improvements have been made to the tenant billing engine. Once a request to create an invoice is submitted, it will be processed between 9pm and 6am. Running the billing after hours will result in improved user experience.

Improvement to Tenant Call Rating

Similarly, to help improve user experience, tenant call rating will now run in the background once the request is submitted. An email will be sent to the requestor once the rating is finished.

Extended Invoice Visibility

In this release we have responded to numerous customers' requests for greater visibility of previous invoices in the Portal. The Portal currently shows only the last 6 months' invoices. With this upgrade, invoices from the previous full financial year, and up to the current date of the current financial year will now be able to be viewed.

General Fixes

A number of other minor bugs and fixes have also been made in this release.

29/08/2019 - Release Notes

Planned Release Date: 05/09/2019

Cloud Dial Updates


Dialler Work Hours

Cloud Dial administrators can now select their call centre operational hours and any campaigns that run outside these hours will not generate any calls.

This new feature provides protection against accidentally leaving campaigns running, or attempting to commence a campaign outside appropriate times.

Please read the Cloud Dial Knowledge Base article for more information on how to configure Dialler Hours.

Preview Release: Call Transfer

In the next Cloud Dial release, Cloud Dial call transfer will be available as a preview feature. Call transfer will allow an agent to transfer a call from their phone to another off-hook agent in the call centre. The list of agents available to receive a call transfer will be only those that are in Ready status.


General Release of Blaster Campaigns (was preview)

A number of customers have been using Blaster Campaigns and we are proud to announce that Cloud Dial Blaster campaigns have now been released for general use. Blaster Campaigns provides for Call Centre administrators to blast a pre-recorded message to hundreds or thousands of phone contacts.

The blaster feature provides call centre operators with opportunities in new markets for customer awareness, customer alert, and reminder opportunities.


Please read the Cloud Dial Knowledge Base article for more information on how to configure Blaster Campaigns.

General Release of Predictive Dialling (was preview)

Predictive dialling uses machine learning to automatically tune the number of calls Cloud Dial makes within a campaign to achieve the optimal results for agent wait times and no agent scenarios. By enabling Predictive Dialling a call centre administrator no longer needs to determine the best power factor and the Cloud Dial software takes control of call establishment rates.

A number of customers have been using Predictive Dialling and we are proud to announce the General Release of this feature.

Please read the Cloud Dial Knowledge Base article for more information on how to configure Predictive Dialling.


Next Major Release - work has commenced

As the needs of Cloud Dial continues to grow, and the requirements of our Cloud Dial customers expand, we are undertaking a number of major engineering enhancements to Cloud Dial to support current and future growth, scaling, call-loading, and overall platform hardening and robustness.

To support this growth, the ECN development team has been working on the next major release of Cloud Dial. Now in active development, the next major release of Cloud Dial will be moving into early-stage testing over coming weeks.

This is an exciting moment for ECN and our teams and we will be reaching out to each Cloud Dial customer to provide further insights into the next release.

21/08/2019 - Release Notes

✔️ Platform Updates


New to Q2O is the ability to:

  • Order Inbound 1300 and 1800 numbers
  • Order hardware

Improvements to Q2O

  • Ordering an NBN connection


Advanced Outbound Call Control

  • Ability to force outbound call controls is now available

09/08/2019 - Release Notes

✔️ Platform Updates

Cloud Dial

Ad-Hoc Outbound Dialling

  • Cloud Dial can now establish a new call to an unknown number that is not part of an Active Campaign
  • Check out the Knowledge Base for a more detailed guide on this feature.

Inbound Call From Unknown Number

  • Cloud Dial now has the ability to route an inbound call to an agent even if the number is unknown and not part of a running campaign.
  • Cloud Dial will route the call based on phone number tags and agent tags (using the 'Skills Based Call Routing' feature)
  • Check out the Knowledge Base for a more detailed guide on this feature.

16/07/2019 - Release Notes

✔️ Platform Updates

Cloud Dial

Predictive Dialling

  • The Cloud Dial Predictive Dialling feature replaces the need to set a specific Power Factor on a campaign. By enabling Predictive Dialling, Cloud Dial will automatically determine and adjust the required number of calls made to meet the needs of the call centre, keeping agents busy and minimising No Agent (when more calls were made than available agents) situations.
  • Predictive Dialling uses Machine Learning to continually review and make adjustments to the calls made and tunes the Dialler to meet your defined objective for Agent Wait Times and Call Drops due to No Agents available.
  • There are three modes of Predictive Dialling: Generous, Moderate and Aggressive. These modes allow the Call Centre administrator to set the "mood" of the machine learning system.
  • Aggressive Mode: this setting means that Cloud Dial will more aggressively attempt to tune the calls being made.
  • Generous Mode: will allow more time to collect information on how effectively the dialler is performing.
  • We recommend Aggressive mode only where data quality is consistent (such as customer loyalty campaigns) and Moderate to Generous when data is unpredictable (such as debt collection).

Call Result Webhook

  • The Call Result Webhook feature sends the results of each call to a URL of your choosing.
  • The webhook feature must first be enabled by entering the URL of the server, username, and password.
  • After the webhook has been enabled, you can then enable the feature on your campaigns.
  • When creating the campaign as per normal, you will now see the option to 'Enable WebHook' on the 'Additional Settings' tab.
  • The status of the campaign can then be viewed in the Campaign Management screen.

21/06/2019 - Release Notes

✔️ Platform Updates


Auto Provisioning

  • IMPORTANT: As of this release, the factory default 'admin' password for each phone will be reset to match the extension password.
  • The password for each extension is visible in the myCloudPBX portal on the extension screen.


Firmware Updates

  • The firmware for the Cisco SPA504G & SPA508G handsets has been updated from version 7.5.6 to 7.6.2d.
Handset Old Firmware New Firmware
SPA504G 7.5.6 7.6.2d
SPA508G 7.5.6 7.6.2d

New Handsets

  • We have added three new Yealink Models in this release:
  • Yealink SIP-T53W
  • Yealink SIP-T54W
  • Yealink SIP-T57W

Firmware Updates

  • We will be updating the firmware for the below Yealink handsets.
    This will enable greater headset compatibility and other security features.
Handset Old Firmware New Firmware
Yealink SIP-T19P E2- E2-
Yealink SIP-T23P
Yealink SIP-T23G
Yealink SIP-T27G
Yealink SIP-T29G
Yealink SIP-T41P
Yealink SIP-T42G
Yealink SIP-T42S
Yealink SIP-T46G
Yealink SIP-T46S
Yealink SIP-T48G
Yealink SIP-T48S -
Yealink SIP-T52S
Yealink SIP-T54S
Yealink SIP-T56V/A
Yealink SIP-T58V/A
Yealink CP860 -
Yealink CP960
Yealink W52P & W56P -

19/06/2019 - Cloud Dial Release Notes

✔️ Platform Updates

🚀 New Features

  • Blaster Campaign
  • A Blaster Campaign is a fully automated outbound campaign where no user agents are involved.
  • The campaign will make outbound calls and play a pre-recorded message.
  • Details for setting up a Blaster Campaign can be found on the ECN Knowledge Base.
  • Categorisation In Wrap Up Reasons
  • This allows agent to create wrap up reasons separated by categories
  • When creating a campaign you can pick a category and apply it to the campaign
  • eg: 'debt collection type' campaign needs different reasons to an outbound marketing type' campaign.
  • Reason category can be chosen and applied according to each campaign
  • Current master list will be recategorised in "default" category
  • Agent Login Option (Agent Has No Email)
  • Users can now be created with a username and password, user email is no longer required.
  • Managers/Supervisors can also reset the password from the Cloud Dial Management screen.
  • User Management Section (Agent Screen Changes)
  • Users can now manually change the page size - screen can now display up to 100 line items per page.

✔️ Fixes

  • Agent Screen Changes (Agent Login Select)
  • Link removal – When an Agent is waiting for calls, in the “waiting for incoming calls” page, the “Please select one” option has had the hyperlink removed.
  • Agent Tagging (Agent Campaign Screen)
  • When an agent is in the campaign screen and has not been assigned any tags, they will now only see campaign listings with no associated tags.
  • Call Back Time Zone
  • When setting up an account in Cloud Dial, you can now select the time zone you would like to be applied to that Cloud Dial account for all call back activities.
  • Inbound Dialler Beep
  • When an agent is on a call, the inbound dialler beep is now deactivated and will only chime when an Agent is not on a call.

31/05/2019 - Release Notes

✔️ Platform Updates

🚀 New Features

  • 1300 Inbound Product Launch
  • Full product launch of new ECN Inbound 1300 product.
  • Inbound 1300 is a service that allows customers to call your business from anywhere in Australia by dialling a single, national 1300 or 1800 number.
  • If you don't already have one you can now order a new Inbound 1300 number via the ECN website.
  • For a comprehensive guide on how to configure your Inbound 1300 service please visit our Knowledge Base.
  • Knowledge Base Platform Launch
  • Release of ECN Knowledge Base, a repository containing product information, product guides, configuration tutorials, screen shots, instructions and more on how to set up and make best use of ECN products and services.
  • Visit kb.ecn.net.au to check it out.
  • VoIP Product Launch
  • Residential Voice Add-On
  • To find out if you qualify for this service visit For You and enter your address
  • CTS Product Launch
  • High Volume Call Termination Over IP
  • ECN Call Termination is designed for corporate customers with their own multi-site PBX, or wholesale customers looking to offer services to downstream customers on their own infrastructure.
  • CTS also offers number hosting
  • Delivered via a private IP link between ECN and the end users.
  • Cloud Dial: Blaster Campaign Feature
  • A Blaster Campaign is a fully automated outbound campaign where no user agents are involved.
  • The campaign will make outbound calls and play an automated message.
  • Details for setting up a Blaster Campaign can be found on the ECN Knowledge Base.

⚡️ Improvements

  • myCloudPBX
  • View myCloudPBX changes - removed the ability to "undo" the changes.
  • Function allows you to view historic changes and current changes in a user friendly mode

✔️ Fixes

  • Business SIP
  • Overall improvement to the management configuration and bug fixes

27/03/2019 - Release Notes

📅 Upcoming

  • New analytics engine for myCloudPBX
  • Yealink Handset Firmware Updates

✔️ Platform Updates

⚡️ Improvements

  • Business SIP - we have transformed our IPVS and IPVM products into one, easy to manage Voice product: Business SIP. It offers the same features as the IPVS/IPVM products with a more simple and logical configuration.
    The smooth transition to Business SIP means it is business as usual, with the service continuing to work unaffected with no change in price, and no customer configuration necessary. Customers will be able to navigate the Portal and continue to receive and make calls as they always have. New features include the addition of SIP edit screens, improved failover handling, hidden password on configurations screen, and an easier to manage myECN Portal.

  • Cloud Dial - Implemented call recording muting that now produces a single recording file from a dialler call, meeting PCIDSS Compliance requirements. 'Mute/Pause' will replace 'Stop/Start' of the call recording which previously produced multiple files.

🚀 New Features

  • 1300 Inbound - New platform
  • Launch of Status Page - real-time information about what went wrong

✔️ Updates

🚀 New Features

  • Order 1300 online on website