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July 23, 2019

5 Ways 1300 Numbers Can Help Grow Your Business

5 Ways 1300 Numbers Can Help Grow Your Business

1300 numbers are used by many Australian businesses to receive incoming phone calls from clients and customers. Whether your business is a start-up or a large corporation, a 1300 number can benefit your business in many ways.

Here are 5 top reasons to start using a 1300 number:

Improves your customer experience

The great thing about a 1300 number is that incoming calls can be directed to any phone number, whether it be a landline, mobile phone, or international number.

For this reason a 1300 number gives you the ability to answer calls on the go and from any location, meaning your customers can always contact you when they need to.

Being able to answer calls from anywhere in Australia prevents missing calls and losing business opportunities. Never miss out on key engagements with potential customers again with an Inbound 1300 number.

Enhances your company profile

Think about it, what’s more professional...calling a business on a mobile number, or dialling them on a 1300 number?

Regardless of the fact that the person you called is on a fishing trip with mates, calling their 1300 number conceals their location and keeps the call professional and maintains their business profile (even if they are on the back of a boat reeling in a marlin!).

Using one simple 1300 number as your primary business contact is clever because it also hides the real size of your business. Your business is perceived as being larger than it is and helps position you next to your competitors.

1300 numbers are recognised Australia-wide and are known by most consumers as being credible and professional, so your business is viewed as being trustworthy and legitimate.

This makes Inbound 1300 numbers perfect for start-ups and small businesses looking to gain market share, and online businesses that want to reach a broad geographic market around Australia.

It is cost-effective

Having customers pay expensive mobile call rates to call your business is not exactly the most effective marketing strategy. Inbound 1300 numbers only incur local rates for the customer when calling from a landline, or a standard rate when calling from mobile. This is a great way for businesses to encourage potential customers to call them without incurring large call costs. The business then pays the remaining costs of the call which are very reasonable.

If the business chooses to, they also have the option of using a 1800 number instead. These numbers are toll free so the customer pays nothing to call you, the cost is absorbed by the business. These are usually used by charities or not-for-profit organisations but can be used by businesses of any size.

Reliable and easy to manage

As there are no installation costs for a business to start using a 1300 number, it is very economical and easy to manage.

With no new equipment, hardware, cables, or a need to transfer numbers if you move premises, 1300 numbers are a very simple solution to managing incoming calls.

Businesses can simply order a number online and start receiving calls on one simple, national number.

Easier to monitor marketing campaigns

1300 numbers are a marketers best friend. Using 1300 numbers as part of a marketing strategy is one of the most effective ways to track campaigns.

All the marketer has to do is assign a 1300 number to a marketing campaign or specific advertisement, which gives them the ability to track exactly where a lead has come from and allows them to monitor the performance of the ad.

They can then use that insight to tweak the ad, or use the information obtained for future campaigns. This gives them full visibility over the ROI on their offline and online marketing advertisements.

If your business is ready to start using Inbound 1300 numbers to help grow your business, then contact a credible provider like ECN Technology today to discuss your options.

You can order online with just a few clicks or call us on 1300 790 111 or email sales@ecn.net.au for more information.