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February 25, 2020

Benefits of Switching to Business nbn™

The National Broadband Network (nbn™) aims to provide Australian businesses with access to faster Internet speeds - meaning greater benefits than ever before.

Benefits of Switching to Business nbn™

The nbn™ is a high speed broadband network that aims to provide data connections to every home and office in Australia, and offers many benefits that will transform your business operations.

In key areas around Australia nbn™ uses fibre-optic cables which are designed to handle incredibly high speeds, enabling telephone and Internet Service Providers to deliver premium services.

To make this happen, a range of nbn™ broadband technologies are in place around the country, from dense inner city suburbs to rural and more isolated communities.

We've highlighted a few of the key benefits of switching from a legacy DSL connection to nbn™ and why making the switch early is a smart business decision.

What Are The Benefits?

Productivity and Efficiency are just some of the benefits nbn™ offers your business

Productivity & Efficiency

A faster Internet connection means your business processes will also speed up. Lower latency (or lag time) means workers may be less frustrated and more productive throughout the day.

With a high speed connection operational costs can be reduced and new channels and platforms to facilitate, sell and promote your products can be implemented. This includes providing intelligent telephony solutions such as myCloudPBX and Business SIP, along with entertainment streaming services, security and e-health to homes and businesses.

Internet-based subscription software such as Xero, Zendesk or Salesforce will run seamlessly,  resulting in a positive impact on productivity and efficiency levels across all departments of your business.


Connection drop outs and constant lagging will be a thing of the past with nbn™. A Business or Enterprise-Grade Internet connection that offers reliability and enhanced SLA’s will enable your business to grow and adapt according to market trends, and not be restricted by slow Internet speeds.

A reliable data connection will result in a better online experience for your customers


Run business-grade voice and cloud-based services more effectively with an nbn™ connection.

Using video conferencing within your business will mean employees can connect and work remotely. Being able to offer a more flexible working arrangement for your employees can cut costs and increase job satisfaction to promote a better work-life balance.

Connecting multiple business locations will be easier than ever, saving your business on all those expensive and unnecessary travel costs!

Video conferencing allows employees to work remotely and keeps workers connected while on the run

A Future-Proof Solution

Once your property is nbn™ ready you have just 18 months before your ADSL connection will be cut off.

To keep accessing the Internet it will then be compulsary to switch to the nbn™.

We recommend getting set up nice and early to start enjoying the benefits of a more superior Internet service.

If you are ready to migrate to nbn™ or would like more information, give us a call on 1300 790 111 or email sales@ecn.net.au to start the migration process today!