Jenna Linton
Customer Engagement Manager

What do you do at ECN? What does your day-to-day job involve?

As a Customer Engagement Manager I manage and grow relationships between our team and our customers with special focus on the Service Delivery and customer on boarding. For existing customers, I act as an Account Manager- the person you go to when you don’t really know who to speak with! As a Customer Engagement Manager, every day is different! One day, I might be able to have a meeting with our team and touch base with clients, but the very next day I am up working at 7am in the morning and don’t stop till 7pm!

What is your background? i.e. qualifications, past experience

I have completed a Bachelors Degree in Communications, with a major in Public Relations- however my career has never gone near the PR industry! Most of my background has been working in Hotels while I was at Uni in Newcastle NSW. Before coming to ECN, I was working with Macquarie Telecom in their Macquarie HUB- here I specialised in Voice and Data faults.

What made you want to work in telecommunications?

This is short and sweet- someone told me I wouldn’t be successful in telecommunications because I was a girl! I ended up training him.

What is your favourite thing about ECN?

Our culture. The ECN culture is something that i have never seen in any other company. We are like a big family- we know each others strengths and weaknesses and we work together to provide a great service and product for our customers. Our team cook lunch together most days (great for team bonding) and every Friday we have a whole team lunch where we can relax and wrap up a busy week together. As we are a family owned business- this is really reflected in our culture. Its great!

What advice would you give someone wanting to start in the telecommunications industry?

You have got to have great customer service. Everything else can be taught or learnt on the job. The key is always great customer service. Go get a job working with customers and work on getting some experience in the industry. At ECN, we hire the person and their personality, their skill set is a bonus.

What’s the most important lesson you have learnt from a mistake you have made in the past?

Always double check with a customer before cancelling their service! Unfortunately, I made this mistake too many times.

When not working, you are…?

Trying to sleep or spending time with family. In reality, my partner and I both work with ECN, so the majority of our time is spent discussing work.

We hear you worked up till the day you gave birth, is this true?

Yes- i did! Craig (my partner) had to hide my laptop from me so i didn’t take it to the hospital with us. I think it was only a few weeks after having Maddie that i was back in the office begging Chris for some work- i was going nutty at home. He happily obliged and in no time I had maddie in our office meeting room sleeping whilst I was busy working just outside the door.

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