ECN Announces Massive Upgrades to Hosted Email Systems and Email Security

In 2016 ECN became an accredited Barracuda Networks Partner. Effective from November 2016,  all ECN Email services (customers with addresses and customers with ECN hosted domain names of their own) will now benefit from Barracuda’s renowned commercial Email Spam and Virus filtering.

With approximately 1 Million emails a day delivered to ECN Customers, next generation commercial spam firewalls now protect the integrity of email delivery around the clock to minimise spam and virus delivery to customers.

With Barracuda Networks as our Spam and AV Email partner, ECN provide “zero hour” updates, ensuring that when a new Spam or Virus is released our customers are protected as quickly as possibly against the new threat.

What sets ECN aside from our competition is that there is no surcharge, usage charges or per address charges in addition to our standard service plans to enable this industry best service.

ECN Customer’s simply get the best commercial grade anti-spam and anti-virus services at no additional cost – something almost unique in an industry where these service add-ons can typically cost hundreds of dollars per user per annum.

“The establishment of our partnership with Barracuda Networks and implementation of their Spam and Anti Virus firewalls for email is the first step in the delivery of our next generation Hosting platforms, due for further releases earlier in 2017.”
– Mark Garlipp
Managing Director of ECN Pty Ltd

If you have hosted email for your company elsewhere or are currently paying premium charges for your anti-spam and anti-virus email services then contact ECN on 1300 790 111.