Cheryle Smith
Financial Accountant

What do you do at ECN? What does your day-to-day job involve?

My role is that of Financial Accountant.  The main focus is financial management and compliance but it is so much more than just numbers.

Why did you decide to work for ECN?

The role sounded interesting and fun but what really won me was the great vibe I got during the interview.  That impression was not imagined – and joining ECN was a great decision –  ECN really is my employer of choice.  The entire team make is so.  They work hard, party harder and find ways to laugh when the going gets tough, and they support and care for one another.

How do you stay up to date with your qualifications?

With some effort!.  I am required to do 120 hours CPD per triennium to maintain my CPA status and finding the time can be challenging sometimes.  Our CPD records can be audited and the penalties for failing to fulfil the requirements are daunting.  Continual  changes to accounting standards, tax and compliance obligations means that there is always more topics to keep abreast of that will fill the minimum hour, so selecting subjects for CPD is not an issue, making the time is the problem.

What’s your favourite moment of your career so far?

O!  That is a hard question.  Let me get back to you…..

What’s the best career advice you’ve been offered?

‘The right thing to do is very rarely the easy thing to do….  Do the right thing.’

What’s the most important lesson you have learnt from a mistake you have made in the past

Don’t stress the little things…  let things go.  Don’t forget but don’t look back and certainly don’t look back in anger.

When you’re not working, you are…?

Horse riding,  walking and cycling, spending time with family and friends – usually over an experimental  meal and a bottle (or several) of great wine, growing and cooking with produce from my veggie garden.

We hear you enjoy travelling, can you tell us more?

Travel is one of my very favourite occupations.  I generally travel with my 3 sisters and we travel by foot or, more recently, a walk of a couple of weeks followed by a cycle leg of a week or so.   When my sisters plan the trip the destinations is Europe.  When I get to pick  it is usually the Middle East.  My turn does not come around so often of late…..

In recent times we have walked the Haute Route (High Road) in Switzerland, the back way into Machuu Pichuu, and cycled from Venice, Italy  to Porec in Croatia.  In August my elder sister and I are walking Wainwrights Coast to Coast (across England).

So many places, so hard to choose, so few holidays.  Sigh.   Lol!