IP Voice Codecs

IP Voice Codecs Some people may have heard the word Codec used when talking about digital music, digital sound or audio on the Internet. The use of codecs allows millions of people to make and receive phone calls around the world everyday.   A Codec short for Code and Decode was a popular

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Demystifying NBN

Recently NBN published statistics stating that half of Australia now online for the NBN But what a lot of people often ask us at ECN is to explain all the terms and types of NBN services that are now available.  Having seen references to different NBN acronyms and options when shopping NBN solutions.

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What are Peering Exchanges?

What are Peering Exchanges? The Internet is a network of networks that spans the globe. In essence ECN’s network connects to other telecommunication’s carriers networks which connects to other networks and so forth. Somehow in all mesh of connections, Internet connected devices across the planet are all able to speak. Within the Industry the

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What is HTTP???

What is HTTP? HTTP is the Internet technology that powers the World Wide Web. Every time a web page is opened on the internet,  HTTP is the protocol (otherwise known as the method) that sends data from the web server to the customer's web browser. Originally defined in 1991 HyperText Transfer Protocol - HTTP

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ECN Announces Massive Upgrades to Hosted Email Systems and Email Security

ECN Announces Massive Upgrades to Hosted Email Systems and Email Security In 2016 ECN became an accredited Barracuda Networks Partner. Effective from November 2016,  all ECN Email services (customers with @ecn.net.au addresses and customers with ECN hosted domain names of their own) will now benefit from Barracuda’s renowned

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AADA Convention

AADA Convention - Melbourne ECN Communication Solutions is attending the Australian Automotive Dealership Association 2016 (AADA)  Exhibition in Melbourne from the 6th - 8th of September. An existing customer base within the Automotive Industry is what has pushed us to present our solutions to a National audience. Our aim is to relieve the stress

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How to spot a ‘phishing’ email (beginners guide)

How to spot a ‘phishing’ email (beginners guide) Below are some examples of Phishing emails that have been sent to our ECN Team. For each example, we have pointed out the elements of the email that will help you to pick out emails that are sent by scammers. This list is not a full list

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International Call Rates

New International Call Rates As of the 2nd of January 2015, our new international call rates will apply for all international calls made over the Hosted Voice Platform. The full spreadsheet of all international pricing is available for download from this link. Please see below for a shorter list of amended international rates:   Jurisdiction

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