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03.11.2016 MyECN Portal Release

Date of Release: 03/11/2016 New Features: Ability to call 13 xx xx xx numbers for back-to-base monitored alarms. Please confirm with your alarm company before using this service. Ability to select a different ringing tone for internal and external calls. By default this feature will be deselected. Ability to select a different ringing

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5 reasons to move to Hosted Voice

5 reasons to move to Hosted Voice With access to fast reliable internet becoming more readily available, Hosted Voice is the smart way to bring your communications into the 21st century. Here are a few ways that Hosted Voice will benefit your Business. 1. Flexible & scalable to your business needs

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How to spot a ‘phishing’ email (beginners guide)

How to spot a ‘phishing’ email (beginners guide) Below are some examples of Phishing emails that have been sent to our ECN Team. For each example, we have pointed out the elements of the email that will help you to pick out emails that are sent by scammers. This list is not a full list

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Jenna Linton

Jenna Linton Customer Engagement Manager What do you do at ECN? What does your day-to-day job involve? As a Customer Engagement Manager I manage and grow relationships between our team and our customers with special focus on the Service Delivery and customer on boarding. For existing customers, I act as an Account Manager- the person you go to when you don’t really know who

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Can I get the NBN?

Can I Get the NBN? Before we can say Yes, we first need to qualify your address and check where the NBN rollout is up to in your area. Our friendly ECN team will check your address on the NBN rollout map on our website. This map will show us if you

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Matt Langlands

Matt Langlands Chief Technology Officer What do you do at ECN? What does your day-to-day job involve? My day-to-day job at ECN involves monitoring and maintain the systems and network at ECN. I’m the Manager of the Technical Support team, so my role varies each day. What interests you about

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Custom details for Voicemail’s recieved via Email

Platform: ECN Hosted PBX / MyCloud PBX Feature details:  Ability to customise the voicemail email received from voicemail-noreply@mycloudpbx.com.au to get more clarification as to where the voicemail was received- i.e. if the voicemail was left on your extension directly, or as a part of a specific call route/ IVR/ After-hours etc.

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Chris Bateman

Chris Bateman General Manager What did you do before ECN? Prior to starting at ECN in 2010, I spent twelve months traveling around the world. I love travelling and being exposed to different cultures and ideas. I believe this helps me understand and rapidly adapt to new situations. I am a Computer Science graduate from

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Enter Extension Number of User to speak with them directly

Platform: ECN Hosted PBX / MyCloud PBX Feature details:  Ability to allow caller to insert user's extension number to have call directed through to that user directly. This feature would be activated as a activity for an call route.

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Billing lines available in Tenant Billing Platform

Platform: ECN Hosted PBX / MyCloud PBX Feature details: Add additional lines in when setting up a plan. Currently 6 lines, would like option to add 10 more

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