5 reasons to move to Hosted Voice

With access to fast reliable internet becoming more readily available, Hosted Voice is the smart way to bring your communications into the 21st century.

Here are a few ways that Hosted Voice will benefit your Business.

1. Flexible & scalable to your business needs

Hosted Voice solutions provide your business with the flexibility to manage and configure your phone system in ways which traditional systems simply can not offer. Users can be added, removed or edited in real time using online portals; giving you control of your users and phone system requirements.

Hosted Voice solutions are typically housed in Data Centres with unlimited infrastructure. This unlimited infrastructure, gives you the power to instantly increase or decrease your phone system to match your business’s dynamic requirements.

2. Complete online control

Hosted Voice solutions can be controlled via an easy online portal, allowing you to take control of your phone system and forget about all those time consuming calls to your provider. Traditional phone systems are complicated and are not easily accessible to end users. With the Hosted Voice’s centralised control panel, you can expand, optimise and maintain your phone system with ease.

3. Reduce your operating costs

Hosted Voice solutions are typically available as fixed cost products for peace of mind or on a usage basis. These pricing models can be amended to provide your business with the most cost effective solution.

Your business processes can be improved by taking advantage of the expansive features offered by Hosted Voice solutions. When fully implemented, your nation-wide business could run efficiently via a single centralised Reception desk catering for the entire company.

4. Connecting Multiple Locations

Connecting multiple locations with multiple phone system providers is complicated, inefficient and expensive. With a Hosted Voice solution, you can easily combine all of your users into a single phone system. Users can be separated by grouped offices with individual operating hours and call routing requirements. With this in mind, Hosted Voice solutions are perfect for mobile, international sites and home offices with users able to connect to the phone system using a third-party softphone.

5. Feature Rich Solution

Most Hosted Voice solutions offer a wide range of features for no additional charge. Key feature add-ons offered can include: day/night conditions, holiday mode, call recordings, voicemail and IVR’s. These features will bring efficiencies to your business generating the most valuable saving of all: time.