Date of Release: 03/11/2016

New Features:

  • Ability to call 13 xx xx xx numbers for back-to-base monitored alarms. Please confirm with your alarm company before using this service.
  • Ability to select a different ringing tone for internal and external calls. By default this feature will be deselected.
  • Ability to select a different ringing tone for incoming calls per call route. This feature is only available on Cisco SPA500 series handsets.

Bug Fixes:

  • Improvements made to call handling on softphones.
  • Improvements made to configuring extension modules in Hosted PBX platform.
  • Improvements made to caller ID for forwarded calls.
  • Improvements made to ad hoc call recording.
  • Improvements made to custom Music on Hold streams.
  • Improvements made to call queuing functionality. Enterprise call queuing will enable continuous ringing for agent handsets and ability to pick up multiple calls in quick succession.
  • Improvements made to call queue display screen.
  • Improvements made to call parking functionality- users will be notified if a certain park slot is occupied.
  • Improvements made to callback email- correct extensions will now display.

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